Birthing My Way


This is the program for pregnant women who desire continuous support from pregnancy
to and through motherhood. Birthing My Way helps them
to create their desired Childbirth; to master their birthing abilities and to bloom into the new Mom & Woman they want to be!

This program is for:
• first time pregnant women;
• mothers who had a traumatic birthing experiece before and want to create a positive birth/motherhood story;
• expectant moms who are overwhelmed, worried, fearful … about their upcoming childbirth who want to find the way out from it;
• happy pregnant mamas who want to create the birth/motherhood of their dreams.

Birthing My Way is TPQ’s signature program so it is the expression and the blend of all her passion, services and tools to guide Moms towards the maternity experience they long for.
It is the 6 month coaching & doula support to give Mothers the confidence, trust, peacefulness, power and tools to walk across their unique pregnancy-childbirth-motherhood’s journey, aligned to their personal goals and desires.

Clearing and releasing old habits and moving towards a more serene pregnancy/birth/motherhood; experiencing the manifestation of the desired birth; gaining more focus on what is pivotal for the Mom; boosting self esteem, self power, energy level; improving relationships with partner and other members of her circle … are some of the benefits that Birthing My Way allows the Mom to enjoy. There is much much more in store that will transform her maternity AND life for the better!

Birthing My Way develops valuable coaching/doula support to get the Mom really clear about her needs/desires; overcoming overwhelm; move towards her ideal birth; ease the motherhood’s day to day routine; get guidance along the whole process.